Senora Sassafrass (sewcute) wrote in frenchgeeks,
Senora Sassafrass

Calling all French teachers!

Hello All! First off let me apologize for cross posting this so much. If I don't do it all tonight I will forget about it, and I know that many of you have a few French communities on your friends list, and I know how annoying it can get having to scroll past all the posts! so please forgive me! (and to make it easy I am using the same icon of this little boy!)

Second, if this is off topic, please just ask and I will delete this post! (Or feel free to delete it yourself if you're a mod ;) )

So the meat of this post! I have started a community for French teachers, but I need more than just me in it! There is one other member at this time, but that's about it, so if you are a French teacher, or studying to become one, please feel free to join!!!

frenchteacher It's a community for teachers to get together and talk about what is going on in the classroom, and to get ideas from other teachers!

We want you!
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