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Looking for person who could make English-to-French translation...

Hey, people!
My friend is looking for a person that could make a translation for his program.
Also he is willing to give out a registration key for PRO version ($25 value) of the program for that work!!!
There are just about 700 to 1000 words to translate and some of them are repeated :)
I'm not mentioning the name of the program because it is not an attempt to advertise it.
Just very very shortly: the program is very useful for everyone - it stores well-encrypted all your passwords that you use for login into your web accounts (such as LJ, E-mails, Online Banking, and so on), and helps to perform login into them by literally one-click (you do not need to enter login names and passwords anymore). So, the program is for those who want faster and secure web browsing without fear that passwords could be stolen by trojans, "smart" websites, key-loggers, or many other means.
So, do not miss this opportunity :)

Please e-mail me if you are interested: kate.gill@yahoo.ca

Thanks for your time!

PS: the translation is really easy! However, native speakers of French with some experience of using internet software are preferred. (requirement: not a complete newbie to computer and the Internet, so that could translate adequately) :)
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